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Twelve tales of terror recommended by the master of the genre!

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About the Podcast

A Podcast to the Curious is the only podcast dedicated to the weird fiction of M.R. James!

Each episode your humble hosts Will Ross and Mike Taylor will be tackling a different M.R James story, providing a commentary on the story and discussing its themes and form interlaced with readings from the story. Along the way we hope to include discussion on stage, screen and radio adaptations of James’ stories, information on James’ life and interests as well as on the legions of authors who were inspired by him.

About your hosts

Will Ross (@william_ross) was spawned and raised in the darkest corners of the Evenlode valley in rural Oxfordshire. He spent his undergraduate years studying literature of the most perverse and unspeakable kind in the depths of church-ridden Norfork before being spat out, wraith-like, into the horrifying world of work where he now lurks on the fringes of academia, ominously fiddling with websites.

Mike Taylor (@bangdaifu) spent his formative years in North Wales before being banished to England as punishment for the gross misuse of library books. The winds of fate brought him to the same accursed Oxfordshire parish as Will, where he was known to haunt the local churchyard with a lawnmower. One fully-rounded Oxbridge education later Mike tied up his possessions in a red handkerchief on a stick and travelled to London to seek his fortune where he can still be found today haunting the streets of Whitehall like a modern-day Jack the Ripper.

L-R: Mike and Will

L-R: Mike and Will

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