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Episode 26 – A Neighbour’s Landmark

Map imageThis episode it is the turn of ‘A Neighbour’s Landmark‘ by M.R. James to receive the critial going-over it deserves at the hands of Will and Mike.

Thanks to Kirsty for the excellent readings!

Show notes:


Reading – Ghosts, Treat them Gently!

'The Spirit in the Garden' - Victorian hoax ghost photographMike is off on his honeymoon at the moment, so in lieu of a full episode Will provides a reading of and short commentary on an M.R. James essay ‘Ghosts – Treat them Gently!‘ which was originally published in the Evening News on 17 April 1931.

In the essay Monty talks about what ingredients he thinks go to make up a really successful ghost story, and gives an insight into the supernatural fiction he rates most highly.



Episode 16a – The Residence at Whitminster

Cockerel WoodcutJoin Mike & Will for the first in a two part special on ‘The Residence at Whitminster’ by M.R. James! No black cockerels were harmed in the recording of this podcast (OK, maybe one or two. It’s called research people).

This episode features readings by Hamish Symington and Peter Ross.

Show Notes:

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