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New Website Feature! M.R. James Maps and More…

Old Map of BritainRegular listeners will have noticed that we are more than a little bit obsessed with working out the real-world locations that M.R. James may have had in mind for his stories. Well this obsession has led us to create an exciting new feature for the podcast website!

We are calling it ‘Monty’s World’, and it is an interactive map featuring locations not only mentioned in M.R. James’s stories, but also various locations that were important to James during his lifetime such as his childhood home at Great Livermere. There are currently nearly 50 locations featured but we plan to keep adding new locations as we cover them in the stories (if not sooner). Click the map to the right to view it now!

If you know any locations not already featured which you think should be added please drop us an email at Also any corrections or suggestions for improvements (we are aware that the mobile/tablet browsing experience is pretty horrible at present) can be sent to the same address.

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