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Episode 16a – The Residence at Whitminster

Cockerel WoodcutJoin Mike & Will for the first in a two part special on ‘The Residence at Whitminster’ by M.R. James! No black cockerels were harmed in the recording of this podcast (OK, maybe one or two. It’s called research people).

This episode features readings by Hamish Symington and Peter Ross.

Show Notes:


Episode 2 – Lost Hearts

Lost Hearts (1973 TV version) ScreenshotThis week we tackle Lost Hearts by M.R. James, a spine-chilling tale featuring ghostly orphans! Talking rats! Diabolical alchemy! Gore! A shower scene! (sort of).

Also in this episode:

  • Mike tweaks his hurgy gurdy around the house
  • Will says ‘Dun Dun Duuunnn!’ more than is strictly necessary
  • We both says ‘evocative’ more than is strictly necessary and then get really, really depressed

A big THANKS goes out to Kirsty Woodfield who brought a much-needed touch of class to the proceedings by doing an excellent job with the readings.

Show notes:


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