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Podcast to the Curious: now on Flickr

April 22, 2012 | News | Comments (3)

We’ve put some pictures up on Flickr, including: our Cambridge road trip (and a nocturnal visit to the scene of “The Fenstanton Witch” (minus huge terrible witch-corpse-bat-thing; Mike discovering Carswell Manor (apropos our next episode, “Casting the Runes”) and us recording episode 12 earlier today. Don’t have nightmares.



  1. A Vial Most Vile says:

    Excellent podcasts, guys! Sadly – due to economic circumstance and my own crushing inadequacy – I can’t at the moment fund your enterprise. However, I promise, once my dismal, badly-written novel has hit the bestsellers list I’ll send you a bundle so you can continue your grand adventure into spheres of the unknown (though, having seen pictures of Mike sporting a beard I’m having doubts – my mother always told me to mistrust men with facial hair…I have a feeling he’ll ride into the sunset with my money, laughing like a loon.)

    Either way, the banter between the two of you makes turning on my decrepit laptop less of a chore, and I’ve even learned something about MRJ (apart from his obsession with papish plots – anyone would think he needed to get laid more – or at all). Keep up the good work. Or, as the kids would have it, keep it reel, innit!

  2. Mike says:

    Thanks for the awesome comment! And if you have suspicions about men with beards, just wait for ‘Casting the Runes’…

  3. A Rat In The Wall says:

    Always distrust us bearded folk. Just what are our beards hiding?

    Can’t wait for Casting The Runes. To me, it’s like James’ The Call of Cthulhu. It’s gonna be awesome, I’m really loving these podcasts, you guys get better with each episode.

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