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Episode 50 – A Night in King’s College Chapel

February 6, 2016 | Episodes | Comments (6)

This episode Mike and Will pack their sleeping bags and bed down for ‘A Night in King’s College Chapel’ by M.R. James.

The episode also features an exclusive interview with James Drewett and Richard Svensson, creators of ‘Monsters and Miscreants’ a new M.R. James-themed card game available to order now. You can also watch an unboxing video of the same game featuring your humble hosts, Will and Mike, recorded live in Will’s kitchen. The glamour!

About Monsters and Miscreants:

Show notes:

The windows themselves (mostly at


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  1. A Rat In The Wall says:

    I completely mis-remembered this story, I could have sworn this was a ghost story, but I must he mistaking it for something else. Now that I’ve listened to the episode, I think I enjoyed this, more or less, when I read it. I think you’re right, it really helps get across how genial a man James was, and it is a charming little story! I don’t have much else to say about it, you guys did the research. I really must read over this tale again.

    I was also thinking, do you guys ever think you’d do a HPPodcraft-style ransom or even a Kickstarter for a short story reading to raise money for the podcast? I only ask because sometimes there’s some substantial breaks in releases and I’d love to help work towards a more regular schedule, even if it’s one episode a month.

  2. Luke says:

    Hi guys. I was wondering who does the music for your podcasts? It’s always very good and eerie. Also when you’re done with M.R. James stuff – and it is wearing thin now – could you move on to J. Sheridan LeFanu or H.P.Lovecraft? That would be great. Keep up the good work. From your #1 in Australia.

  3. Berry Teddy says:

    Wow, episode 50. That’s great! I’m pretty further behind than I thought.

    I have a James related problem and perhaps someone here has a better memory than I do: last Halloween maybe or the one before that a British soap opera, I think, did an homage to James. It was pretty decent if I remember correctly. Does anyone know where to see that or even know the name? I vaguely recall it was a soap set in a hospital usually?

    • wrieder66 says:

      Check back to episode #40 “The Experiment”, where they mention the Halloween 2014 episode of BBC’s “Doctors” at about the 43 minute mark (turns out it’s an adaptation of “Oh, Whistle, and I’ll Come to You, My Lad”)

  4. Laurence says:

    Great episode guys. Reading it was an ecclesiastical blur for me, but loved the discussion. Nice to get a look at you both in the video, too!

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