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Episode 54 – Eton and Kings, part two

August 14, 2016 | Episodes | Comments (3)

M.R. James in Westmorland, 1903 (age 41)

In this epic feature-length James-fest, Mike and Will conclude their coverage of ‘Eton and King’s’, M.R. James’s memoir of a life spent in two of the UK’s most celebrated educational institutions.

This part covers M.R. James’s time as an undergraduate, Fellow, Dean and Provost at King’s College, his somewhat unhappy stint as Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge, and his final return to Eton as Provost.

Our reader for this episode was Peter Ross, thanks pa!

Image is M.R. James in Westmorland, in 1903 (aged about 40).

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  1. Ed Kent says:

    Great episode guys. Very interesting background on M.R. James’ academic career. I would guess the ‘Dr Keynes’ referred to as James’ helper in University administration was in fact John Maynard Keynes’ father:-

  2. solar penguin says:

    Odd that Eton has such strong links with Cambridge when on a map it’s much closer to Oxford. Still, just goes to show you, those boarding school types will put tradition over practicality any time…

  3. JD Starkman says:

    At the 51:30 mark: If you two guys were to edify yourselves as to what distinguishes canonical scripture from that which is not (as any scholar could explain to you) you would understand why the canonical scripture is clearly & distinctly discernible from that which is noncanonical and therefore considered nothing but apocryphal. You are not competent to discuss such historical scriptural matters, so stop pretending you can, ignorant Cretans! Typical products of the modern British educational system. So sad to see the depths to which Great Britain has reduced itself to.

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